Strangehalos is Delander David

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Education: Saint Luc Brussels/ Plastic Arts &Graphism , Infac Brussels/Infography.

Employer 2006-2009: Graphic Designer for Bellerose. http://www.bellerose.be

Freelance 2002-2006: Bellerose/Brussels,Godschild rec/Hong Kong,Genet rec,…


2 responses to “About

  1. hi delander,

    my name is crystal and i’m the artist liaison for a start up called up yours gallery, based in the US. we are looking for artists to promote and sell on our very unique website/artist community. we sell one product which we utilize in many different ways to make artists money and create greater recognition and connectedness for all sorts of talented creatives. we think your album artwork is gorgeous and would love for you to consider our proposition. importantly, it is completely free for you. since i don’t have your email, i can’t send you our artist proposition itself but you can find it and more on our site at http://www.upyoursgallery.com. we are live but not yet set up for ecommerce. we are working on a september launch date and would love to license your work and hopefully make you some more income! i can be reached at crystal@upyoursgallery.com or by phone at +1 800.991.6921 x1


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